Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The Kempner’s list of undergraduate research opportunities is a collection of opportunities submitted by Kempner-affiliated faculty members to help undergraduate students connect with possible mentors.

The opportunities on the bulletin board below do not comprise an exhaustive, curated, or endorsed list; research opportunities posted below may not necessarily be eligible for Kempner funding through Kempner programs.

We encourage undergraduates to contact professors within the Kempner ecosystem directly to investigate potential projects, in addition to exploring the list of research opportunities below.

Research Opportunity Bulletin Board

If you are a mentor interested in posting an opportunity, please contact us at kempnereducation@harvard.edu.

How to Contact Faculty

Students can reach out to prospective faculty mentors using the suggested contact methods contained within each post. If you have never contacted research investigators before, check out the general tips from the Office for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships on how to effectively reach out to faculty.

Additional Resources

Other resources that may be of interest for finding research opportunities: