Getting Started

Everything you need to know for getting started at the Kempner, from administrative guidelines and onboarding logistics to guidance for navigating your first months.

Welcome to the Kempner!

This page offers guidelines for onboarding and logistical information about getting started at the Kempner. If you have specific questions, please contact Molly Marshall.


  • I-9 Paperwork
    • You will need to submit your I-9 paperwork within 3 business days of and no later than the close of business on your first day of employment with Harvard University
  • Register at Harvard International Office (if non-US Citizen/Green Card holder)
  • Claiming Your HarvardKey
  • Electronic Participation Agreement (required for those who receive research funding)
    • Please log in to sign the electronic Harvard Participation agreement

  • You must bring a government-issued photo ID that includes full name, date of birth, a photo, and expiration date in the future in order to receive your HUID card
  • You must obtain your ID card in-person at Harvard Campus Services (ID Card Services) in the Smith Campus Center before arriving at the Science & Engineering Complex

  • You must sign up for benefits within 30 days of your first start date
  • The University’s Benefits Office will send a benefits package explaining all of the options available to benefits-eligible employees through the mail to your home address within 4 days of the postdoc being entered into the PeopleSoft system
  • You can review all your options by watching the Benefits Office videos

Below is a general overview of onboarding information. If you have specific questions, please contact Molly Marshall.

Your information will be entered into Harvard HR systems prior to your first day. This will trigger communication to your personal email, including HR information. This will also generate your Harvard ID number (HUID). Your HUID is needed in order to complete the next steps for your onboarding.

To generate the HUID number, please contact Molly Marshall. She will send you an encrypted email to collect your full name as listed on your official government ID, your date of birth, and your Social Security Number, and will then generate your HUID.

You will need your Harvard ID card for building access. On your first day on campus, please stop by the Smith Campus Center ID Office to get your ID.

Your ID card should already be set-up with building and room access when you arrive at the SEC. If you run into any issues with this, please contact Molly Marshall.

To complete the registration process, please email the HIO with the fully completed HIO Registration Form.

On your first day, you will want to claim your HarvardKey and set up your Harvard email address. The key allows you to use one set of security credentials for almost all Harvard applications.

Step 1 – Claim your HarvardKey

· Go to Enter your HUID then follow the instructions on the screen to claim your HarvardKey and pick a secure password.

Step 2 – Enable DUO, Harvard’s two-step verification service:

Two-step verification is required when accessing any internal system using your HarvardKey credentials. It is an extra layer of security to ensure you are the only person who can access your HarvardKey account. This verification step requires you to install the DUO App on your mobile device

· Visit the online Harvard Key DUO site and follow the on screen instructions to install the DUO App on your mobile device. Follow the instructions to enable two-step verification for your HarvardKey account.

Step 3 – Choose your email address:

· Go to the HarvardKey website and log in using your HarvardKey and password.

· Select the “Manage Your Account & Services” link

· Select “Activate Your Office365 Email and Calendar”

· Follow the on-screen instructions to choose your Harvard email address from the options provided.

· You will receive an automatic email notification confirming the successful activation of your new Harvard email address, which will then become your HarvardKey login email address going forward. Your password remains the same.

· Within 24-72 hours of activation, you should be able to access your email inbox online with your HarvardKey credentials.

After you’ve claimed your HarvardKey and set up your Harvard email address, you can request a Harvard Google Account here (HarvardKey login required): Request a Harvard Google Account. Choose “FAS Faculty and Staff” as your affiliation.

We use Google Docs, Google Shared Drive, Google Calendars, and so on, so having this account is important to our community structure.

If you run into any issues with this process, please reach out to Harvard University IT (HUIT).

Once you have your HarvardKey set up, please log into PeopleSoft using your HarvardKey. PeopleSoft is Harvard’s HR Management system.


Navigate to Self Service > My Personal Details > Home Address and please update your address. This is very important as your first paycheck will be mailed to you. Therefore, please be sure to enter the address you would like your paycheck mailed to – either your local address or your current mailing address.

Direct Deposit

You should also set up your direct deposit information in PeopleSoft by going to Self Service > My Pay > Direct Deposit so that your next month’s paycheck direct deposited.

Benefits and Withholding

On your official start date, you will be able to elect your benefits through PeopleSoft using your HUID and HarvardKey under Self Service > My Benefits > Benefits Enrollment. You will also need to update your Tax Withholding information, which you can get to under Self Service > My Pay > Tax Withholding.

All information about benefits and other employee information is available also online at


If non-US Citizen/green card holder: I’d recommend contacting the NRA tax office with your immigration documents to find out information about US taxes: