Bala Desinghu

Senior AI Research Computing Engineer

Preferred Pronouns: He/Him

Contact Information

Best way to contact me: Email


Dr. Bala Desinghu is a Research Computing and Data (RCD) professional with expertise in various cyberinfrastructures, including Grid, Cloud, High Performance Computing (HPC), and National Supercomputing resources. Before joining Kempner, he worked at Rutgers University and the University of Chicago, where he collaborated and contributed on diverse computational projects, such as using AI for antibody design, drug discovery, medical image classification, and natural language processing for social science research. He has fostered collaboration between AI engineers in industry and academia, building a benchmarking infrastructure for federated learning AI applied to medical applications. Desinghu conducts training and outreach activities on introductory topics related to computational sciences, data science, and AI. Actively involved in the HPC and AI community, he has contributed to organizing computational and data science conferences.

Research Focus

Desinghu focuses on applying High-Performance Computing (HPC) to support AI research at Kempner. He facilitates research computing and collaborations that align with Kempner’s core research areas, providing the computational power necessary to tackle complex AI challenges. He prepares the HPC platform to develop, fine-tune, and deploy a wide range of AI models, including those dealing with large-scale compute and data in image, text, speech, spatial, and multimodal formats. In this role, he collaborates with Kempner staff and the Faculty of Arts and Science Research Computing (FASRC) to develop and deploy cutting-edge HPC solutions and services that enhance Kempner’s research computing efforts. In addition to supporting HPC infrastructure services, he also works with the team to create training and outreach activities.