Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

The Kempner Institute’s scientific advisory board (SAB) is composed of visionaries in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computational biology.

The Kempner’s six-member board is appointed for a two-year term and meets with Kempner leadership to help shape the Institute’s scientific and engineering objectives.

Members of the Kempner’s Scientific Advisory Board:

Mira Murati

Chief Technology Officer, OpenAI  

Joelle Pineau

Vice President, AI Research, Meta; Professor and William Dawson Scholar, School of Computer Science, McGill University

Stephen Quake

Head of Science, CZI; Lee Otterson Professor of Bioengineering, Professor of Applied Physics & Physics (by courtesy), Stanford University 

Aviv Regev

Head, Executive Vice President, Genentech Research and Early Development 

Eero Simoncelli

Scientific Director, Center for Computation- al Neuroscience, Flatiron Institute; Silver Professor, Neural Science, Math, Data Science & Psychology, NYU

Karel Svoboda

Vice President and Executive Director of the Allen Institute for Neural Dynamics