Thomas Fel

Incoming Research Fellow

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KEMPNER GLOBAL COMMUNITY I speak: French, English, Spanish; Italian (novice)

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Thomas Fel is a PhD student specializing in Explainable AI for Vision. His doctoral studies have been conducted between the United States, at Brown University, and in the south of France (DEEL Team & SNCF) under the exceptional supervision of Thomas Serre. Prior to his current studies, he completed internships at company such as Google and GoPro. Fel’s research interests lie in deciphering the mechanisms used by current deep neural networks to explain their remarkable ability to generalize. His ultimate goal is to leverage this knowledge to enhance our understanding of human intelligence.

Research Focus

Fel’s research focuses on large vision models, particularly their explainability. Motivated to uncover the secrets behind their exceptional ability to generalize, Fel blends computational techniques with insights from neuroscience to better grasp the inner workings of these models. This interdisciplinary approach not only aims to enrich the understanding of artificial intelligence, but also positions this knowledge as a tool for probing into human intelligence.