Corwin Cheung

Undergraduate Researcher in Sabatini Lab

Contact Information

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Corwin Cheung is a student at Harvard University studying computer science and philosophy. His dream is to found a technical and world-changing startup. Apart from studying intelligence at the Kempner Institute and the Sabatini Lab, Cheung plays club basketball at the college and is an avid reader. He also loves tennis, chess, poker, the gym, and eating with friends. He is proud to say that as of April 2024, he is an Ironman.

Research Focus

Cheung’s research focuses on the foundations of intelligence in artificial and biological neural networks. Specifically, he studies the alignment of input data covariance and weight vectors at a per node level through the Rayleigh Quotient. Celia Beron and Cheung are exploring this metric’s use in transfer learning, early stopping, targeted dropout and investigating what this metric can tell us about learning and biologically plausible learning frameworks. Cheung’s research lies in the intersection of the mathematics of neural networks, experiments through simulations of artificial neural networks, and experiments in systems neuroscience.