Usha Bhalla

Kempner Graduate Fellow
PhD Student in Computer Science

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Usha Bhalla is a PhD student in the Harvard Computer Science program, working on machine learning interpretability and advised by Hima Lakkaraju. Prior to joining Harvard University, she completed her undergraduate thesis with Chen Sun at Brown University. Bhalla is a strong advocate for increasing diversity in CS through direct mentorship of early-career minority students. She enjoys reading, hiking, dancing (bharatanatyam), and soaking up the sun with her twin sister in her free time.

Research Focus

Bhalla’s current research focuses on machine learning interpretability. She is broadly interested in studying how deep learning models “reason” through the lens of interpretability; and more specifically, she is interested in characterizing the gaps and inconsistencies between high-level reasoning in models and humans, such that we can learn how to better align the two.