Gyuryang Heo

Graduate Student in Sabatini Lab

Contact Information

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Gyu Heo is a PhD candidate in Bernardo Sabatini’s lab at Harvard Medical School. Prior to coming to Boston, Heo earned a B.S. in Biology from Seoul National University. He then joined the Program in Neuroscience at Harvard, where he began working in Bernardo Sabatini’s lab in 2021.

Research Focus

Gyu Heo’s research aims to identify a set of elements, conditions, and constraints that lead to brain-level performance. Within this broad question, his current focus is on designing a simple yet performant network architecture that can generalize across multiple tasks, similar to human capability. Heo’s approach leverages insights from dynamical systems and biological details accumulated in field over the past decade. Ultimately, he seeks to develop a biologically plausible set that can address challenges faced by modern AI but seemingly overcome by humans.