Noor Sajid

Incoming Research Fellow

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Noor Sajid is a (budding) theoretical neuroscientist. Her research involves developing generative models to emulate and understand biological decision-making, aiming to enhance artificial intelligence through the flexibility observed in natural systems. She earned her PhD in Jan 2024 under Professor Karl Friston at University College London, followed by a Postdoc with Professor Peter Dayan at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernectics.

Research Focus

Noor Sajid aims to imbue artificial agents with the adaptability seen in biological intelligence, enabling these systems to apply learned knowledge to a variety of tasks within small-scale training data regimes. Accordingly, her research is grounded in developing generative models for understanding and mimicking biological decision-making to investigate how artificial agents can adapt to and learn from environmental perturbations, similar to humans and animals. Going forward, she plans to expand these models and delve deeper into the dynamics that facilitate the flexible utilization of acquired information.