Ben Sabath

Senior AI/ML Data Architect

Preferred Pronouns: He/Him
KEMPNER GLOBAL COMMUNITY I speak: English, Spanish

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SEC 6.136


Ben Sabath joined the Kempner Institute Research and Engineering team as the Senior AI/ML Data Architect in May 2024. He brings expertise in GPU computing, cloud architecture, data pipeline optimization and other areas from his experience working as a data and HPC engineer in academia and industry. His past work has included optimizing molecular dynamics and drug discovery Graph AI models to run on a large GPU cluster, as well as work with the Harvard Center for Astrophysics designing and deploying a cloud based API to serve over 1PB of data. Sabath holds a masters in economics and a BA in Economics and Computer Science from Boston University.

Research Focus

As part of Kempner’s Research and Data Engineering team, Sabath will utilize his data engineering and HPC experience to optimize computational and data pipelines within the institute. He will work on ensuring that all models and applications developed within the institute follow software engineering best practices and are designed to take advantage of modern distributed training techniques, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the productivity of all researchers in the Kempner institute.